Aimesh config disappearing

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New Around Here
I am using a RT-AX88U as the main router and a mix of 4 nodes (RT-AX86U, 2 units of XD4s and a RT-AC86U). I am using Merlin on my RT-AX86U, RT-AC86U and RT-AX88U.

I discovered the way how to configure Aimesh successfully all the time. Its by factory resetting the router and all the nodes. Then configure the router and add the nodes one after another again. I have done this several times without any problem.

But one problem is happening all the time. My AIMESH configuration in the router is disappearing. Either 1 or 2 nodes would disappear based on the below scenarios:
1. After running the mesh routers for a few weeks. Without touching the router nor the nodes, one day I would just find one or two of the nodes missing from the router's Aimesh configuration. This is randomly happening on the nodes and not specific to a single node.
2. When I start configuring the QoS. After clicking APPLY on the new configuration, I will find one to three nodes in my AIMESH configuration missing again on the router.
3. When I am rebooting the router. This doesnt happen when I am optimizing the aimesh but this problem happens when I am rebooting the router.

What is the causing this AIMESH config disappearing? Does anyone encounter this same problem? Is it due to the same scenarios I have mentioned? I would really appreciate anyone's help. Thank you.

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