AiMesh direct communication on meshpoint

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I have a (AC2900) RT-AC86 main router. My old RT-AC68 router I have setup as a AIMesh AP point.
To the AiMesh AP RT-AC68 I connect several computers directly by cable.

I many times remote from one of these computers to the others. So all computers connected to the AiMesh AP.
Question, can one somehow make the RT-AC68 mesh point to do that direct routing on its LAN ports without involving the AC86 main router?
I now and then get disconnections. I can only assume it is due to a bad uplink between the main router and the AiMesh ap (the uplink is over 5Ghz)

I have tried to make the uplink using a power outlet extender (so cable from AC68 to power outlet extender to other power outlet extender to main router).
That seems more stable than 5Ghz but decreases the overall network speed a lot.
I know the best would be to have a direct cable all the way from the mesh AP to the main router but that is not an option at the moment.


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Try a different Control Channel for the 5GHz band. What you're 'testing' for isn't maximum speeds, you're testing for maximum stability of your network now. Do not use Auto Control Channels. Test each channel individually and for an extended period. Do keep good notes. You may not find a 'perfect' channel to use in your wireless environment, but you will (hopefully) find one that is better than what you have. Do not use an 'app' to find the best channel. They are useless at best, and interfere with your testing, oftentimes too.

Also consider the location, orientation, and antennae positions too, along with the tips above. Inches (in a 3D space) can make a huge difference in wireless performance.

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Just want to say thank you. I changed to a fixed control channel and since then it has been stable.

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