AImesh first timer and couple of quick ac router questions

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New Around Here

I purchased an AC5300 last year - just for the wifi - I run pfsense as my main router/firewall. I connect the Ac5300 to the PFSense router on a LAN port of the AC5300 - I don't use the WAN port because it introduces double Nat and I don't want to deal with that.

There does not seem to be a way to completely disable the WAN port like there is in DDWRT. Can anyone make any suggestions or have any ideas on how I can do this?
The router is definitely connected to the internet (my whole house uses WIFI except me and if it wasn't connected DADDY would be in trouble:) yet when I do a firmware upgrade check it fails and asks me to connect the outer to the internet; meaning it is specifically attempting to use the WAN port instead of the normal route tables that all other clients are using. Is this silly piece of function hard coded or can I change that somehow so the firmware check button wil take the same route as all the other clients. Maybe disabling the WAN port would make this button work as expected?

Finally, I purchased another AC5300 and it arrived today. I set it up as a mesh node and the main router says it is using the WIFI-02 as the dedicated wireless back-haul or WIFI_dwb as it is so named. After setup I unplugged the node and placed it approx. halfway between the dead-zone and the existing WIFI router as described in the setup process and turned it on.

I then walked around with my cell phone and WIFI analyzer running - it cannot detect the wifi node at all even though it has been turned on for more than an hour now and the router shows it is using the back haul WIFI2 - the node does not show up in the network map under AIMESH nodes - it still says 0 nodes - how long will it take for the 0 to turn to a 1?

Would there be anything else you guys can advise me on how to manage this mesh network. I am no stranger to networking but, this is my first mesh network.

Thank You all ahead of time.


New Around Here
Oh yeah, I also notice the AC5300 router says it has never sync'd the time with the timer server. Again, this is my PFSense router and all the clients sync with it just fine except the AC5300. Sigh...this is why i usually stay way from residential stuff. The one time I tried plugged the LAN cable int the WAN port of the AC5300 no client can get a DHCP from the PFsense router - if I could arrange for a DCHP/DNS/and everything else pass - through while connected to the WAN port this wouldn't be an issue but, residential stuff....does any ASUS reps ever browse these forums or should I go submit feature request list to ASUS? Had I know the first router wouldn't cover my whole house (it says 5400sq ft coverage on the box, I have a 4200 Sq FT home...) I would have bought an Aruba, Cisco or Ubiquiti -ugh my last choice for sure - kit to do my home WIFI. But Approx $400 vs 2K is aweful tempting for me, and know I got 2x AC5300 so $800.00. Still better than 2-4K though for the commercial units. However, if I can't get it to work for me, then the 2K would be worth it and I'll sell these to "things" and go out and get eh 2K units. I just WANT to make these work is all. I got a hard head and keep thinking, "there MUST be a way!"


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AiMesh likes to play the role of router. For your use case just disable it and configure the two AC5300 as APs; preferable wired to your switch via a LAN port. If you need a wireless backhaul, configure one of the 5Ghz radios as a bridge.
As a side note: if you are going wired, having two AC5300s is overkill. Cheaper and smaller dual radio 3x3 (or even 2x2) routers/APs would do the job.
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