Aimesh for AX56U and AX58U is dropping internet connection

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HI guys. I have 2 routers that are using the aimesh. AX56U and AX58U. The both used the lastest firmwares from asus.
The issue is that every hour the internet drops (not the wifi signal). I remain connected to the wifi but there is no internet for 30 sec - 1 min
I checked my ISP logs and the router itself does not disconects. It has to be something with the Aimesh because if i use them as repeater or single router its absolutelly no issue.
I tried to disabled the roaming assist as some reccomended here but issue still persists.

Thank you!


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I used AX56U AiMesh to TUF AX3000, they don't work well. I returned the AX3000 today. Thinking to take FiberOptic connections

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