AiMesh Guest Network Bug or Feature?


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Hello Asus and Merlin fans, users and contributors,

I am a proud user of several RT-AC86U on different sites, all running the latest version of ASUSWRT von merlin (currently 386.3_2). Big Thanks for the stable and well-maintained Firmware!

In order to get even better I would like to contribute with some information. I have seen different complains about Guest network in AiMesh. I have to join the list, although my problem is a bit different.


2x RT-AC86U in AiMesh​
Guest Network 1 at 2.4GHz activated (for IoT devices)​
Bandwidth limiter – activated​
Access Intranet – ENABLED​
Sync to AiMesh Node – ALL​

Problem 1: even though I set the SSID for the Guest Network as Hidden, it is not! Is this a Bug or a feature?

Problem 2: I need to enable the Intranet Access to be able to share screen from Smartphone to TV etc. The problem I am facing is that from this Guest network I am able to access the Web GUI of the router! For me this is completely unacceptable from inside a Guest network. Is this a Bug or a feature?

Problem 3: the IP range of the Guest Network is the same as the main network. For example: Main Network: 192.168.1.x, Guest Network 1: 192.168.1.x. Is there a way to adjust the Guest Network IP-range?

On other locations where there is no AiMesh and the Guest Network setup is similar, I am not able to access the Web GUI of the router from inside the Guest Network, which is my wish here.

Have you faced similar problems?



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You should inform ASUS of these issues via the "FEEDBACK" tab in your GUI Administration page .


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Hi AndreiV,

Thank you for your feedback. I would do that, however, I kind of don't see "FEEDBACK" tab in the Merlin Administration section. Am I missing something or I have got it wrong?



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You need to be running stock firmware to give Asus feedback.


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Thank you L&LD.

From what I read, I conclude that these 3 Problems (or “features”) described in my first post are coming from the original Asus firmware and therefore need to be corrected there instead of in the Merlin firmware, correct?


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I don't think your points 1 to 3 are worth reporting to Asus at all, in my humble opinion.

1) There is no benefit to having an SSID hidden in 2021. Actually having it hidden could cause further issues in your networks and will offer no additional security at all.

2) Yes, if you're allowing intranet access, it includes the main router too. Particularly from a node. Is your TV on the main or Guest wireless network?

3) Yes, no easy way to do this in stock firmware (I'm not even sure if you can run scripts on stock).

2 and 3 can be addressed with YazFi. Have you looked into that option?

YazFi - YazFi v4.x | SmallNetBuilder Forums (


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Thank you for your advice. Yes, I realized that hidden SSID makes it at the end more complicated for monitoring. So 1) can be ignored.

Regarding 2) yes, the TV is in the Guest network and for my understanding it should NOT be possible to access the router Web GUI from there.

YazFi is new topic for me, I will take a look at it! Thank you!


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A 'hidden' SSID isn't more complicated for monitoring. It is extremely easy to see 'hidden' networks. Just ask your average teen. :)

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