AiMesh on 2 AC68U, 30-60 sec no internet when switching between routers

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Good day everyone,

Perhaps someone can help me troubleshoot an issue I am having since I bought 2 AC68U and using AiMesh.
Some background info.

- Both the router and node are running on 386.1_beta2
- I have set a Ethernet Backhaul Mode from the router to Node

When I go from the Router to the Node or vice-versa; it switches the WIFI to the other Router/Node, however, my internet connection is down for 30-60 seconds on the device.
Only after 30-60 seconds; internet starts working again.

I have reset both products to factory. Installed the router first and then added the Node.

Anyone else having this issue and might know a solution?



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No issue here with AC86U router to AC68U node. Did notice you mention to also run the node on Asus-Merlin, I run the node on the stock firmware as the AIMesh part is closed source so no benefit anyway. Maybe that would help?


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I have both on Merlin, however, the no-internet traffic happens both ways.

I did find out that the WIFI never disconnects when moving from one Node to the other, it seems to be seemless but it looks like some apps don't really support it for some reason.
Example is Whatsapp and Instagram. It takes 30 seconds for them to work but webpages etc is working fine...

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