AiMesh on Asus AX56U Slow Speed


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Hi guys,

Recently i bought Asus AX56U from local seller, but when i tried using aimesh with ASUS AC68U why my download speed is so slow when i connect to the node ( AC68U ) ? i got full bar on wifi network but the speed is awful i can only reach 10% from my Internet speed and when i back to the main router i still can't get a fullspeed even though the bar was always FULL , need to DC and reconnect to work properly and got a full speed 200mbps ...

They're using a same firmware Merlin 386.2_2 and my phone is Samsung S20 FE 5g and it's also happened to other device in my home

or maybe my router was faulty??


Picture one when i connected to my node


When i back to connect the main router


After DC and Reconnect to the router


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You may try to change the LAN cable connecting the 2 routers check the Mesh menu in the Ax56u page you see there the connection type and speed ( if any) if you don't have cables attached maybe the distance is too big and the connection is not that strong in order for the second router to run at full speed

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