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I stay in 3 floor town home. I have main router (GT-AC5300) on 2nd floor and another router ( GT-AC5300) on 3rd floor which is connected as Aimesh Node
i bought one more router (RT-AC3100) and installed on 1st floor. All the 3 routers are connected via ethernet backhaul in Aimesh
I see that all my devices are getting connected to router on 2nd floor and 3rd floor, but not even 1 device is connected to my 1st floor router
I have 5 devices on 3rd floor (Printer, phones etc) and they are connected to the router on 3rd floor. all the other devices connects to 2nd floor router

rarely devices in garage and outside cameras connect to my 1st floor router

is ther something i should do to make my devices in my garage ( Tesla Car, security camera and Tesla gateway) to connect to the router on 1st floor ?


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As far as I am aware nothing else needs to be done. I live in a 4500 sq ft 3 story house and 2 are enough for strong signal everywhere - a third one sits idle for testing or if I need to plug one in for a better signal outside at times. I often also see that a device wouldn't connect to what seems the obvious choice as far as distance is concerned. I think you might have too much wifi.

FYI.. I have an issue that started in the last two firmware versions that causes all/any aimesh node to be slow and with sporadic wifi stability. Sometimes none of devices want to connect to the aimesh nodes. I currently have them unplugged and hoping a fix in future versions will fix it. It used be fine two versions also and I am too lazy to go back because I would have to redo all the settings again.

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