Aimesh setup or two routers

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My house is a single story 1800 sf house. I have a hot tub that is in the back yard 30' from the rear of my house. I am using a Asus GT-AC5300 router. Since November of 2020 I am using a projector to stream movies on the hot tub cover via a Amazon firestick. At times the signal is weak and the streaming movie starts to stutter. I added a Asus GT-AX1100 as the main router and added the AC5300 as a node and the signal is now strong and fixed the problem. The problem is fixed or at least I thought it was, once the wife of 34 years saw the AC5300 in the dinning room area of the house to expand the wifi signal to the hot tub. The large bulky AC5300 is not passing the WAF (wife acceptance factor). I have 24 clients and the node is connected wirelessly. Eventually I will attempt to run ethernet cables in the walls to connect the node to the main router.

So I am now looking at the Orbi or Asus ZenWifi system since the wife is not opposed to the design of the Orbi / ZenWifi? Most of my research is telling to stay with the Asus routers over the Orbi / ZenWifi. I am a gamer and I like the ability to adjust the settings of the Asus GT routers. Any and all recommendations are welcomed.


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What happens when you approach the wife with the same gesture as in your avatar picture?

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