AIMesh supporting router for AX88U suggestions

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Due to the layout of my apartment, and the inability to get a wired connection in my home office, I am looking for a second Asus router to add to my network and mesh with my AX88U. I need to connect 2-3 wired devices, and would like to get as much of my 1gbps service as possible (Currently on an AX200 laptop I can do 950mbps on 160Mhz).

I realize I will largely be losing my 5Ghz band as it will be used for backhaul, but it won't be often that the devices on the mesh node and my laptop are both trying to crowd the band (I keep everything else on 2.4Ghz, all WiFi 6 devices).

I have the only DFS capable router in my apartment complex, so I have a very large band range all to myself (I am nowhere near airports/radar, DFS has never tripped in the last two years).

I guess I am wondering if anyone has a similar setup and what kind of speeds they are getting with what devices? Do Asus routers utilize 160Mhz for backhaul?

I am currently considering an AX82u or AX92u (either buying a two pack and selling my 88 or just buying one) as they are on sale (I know they don't support Merlin, I'm willing to sacrifice that if need be).

Thanks in advance!


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If you're intent on using Asus gear, I'd avoid AiMesh altogether, run the remote unit in AP Mode, and simply need to find a way to hard-wire, even if it means getting creative (surface-mount raceway, flat cable, etc.). Last I observed (as of a few months ago), AiMesh running on wireless backhaul is not as solid as it should be, and if you can hard-wire, you might as well run in AP Mode so you can use separate fronthaul channels on each node (for effectively 2x the capacity).

That said, if wireless backhaul is simply your only option, then I would just ship entirely to Eero, specifically two wifi 5 Eero Pro nodes (whose US models do allow for DFS usage in upper 5Ghz band). Satellite node clients will max out at about 300Mb/s, versus perhaps 1.5 to 2x more throughput on your best day with AiMesh, but in return you'll likely have a noticeably more stable mesh with smoother traffic flow. Those are two things that unless you have a very specific use-case requiring the extra bandwidth, I would argue matter more in every-day use than sheer throughput on its own.

Hope that helps. Any questions, feel free.
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