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Hi all,
I have an RT-AX88U as main/AIMesh Router and an RT-AC68U as an AIMesh Node with wired (cat5e) backhaul.
Both on RMerlin 386.2_6.
It all works pretty well and I get decent coverage with a few clients on the node but most on the router.
My problem is I keep getting intermittent disconnects of the node. When this happens I seem to lose all internet access, even from the router connected devices.
The only way to resolve it is to reboot the main router and all is fine again.
Is there a definitive guide as to the correct/best wifi settings given the capabilities of both the router and the node?
This is my first foray into AIMesh as previously I just has an AP where the node is now wich was stable if not rocket fast. But switching from one AP to the other wasn't as seamless as I assumed AIMesh would be.
I currently have both bands on both router and node set the same. Everything else is pretty much default settings.
I have used a wifi analyser on my mobile and it seems to have found the best channels so no problem on that score.
Any advice appreciated.

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