AIMesh - Wireless or Powerline?


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I currently have an AC86U set up using Merlin firmware, and thanks to Amazon Prime + Asus cashback, today took delivery of an AX88U!

The plan is to replace the AC86U with the AX88U as my main router. However I was thinking of setting up an AIMesh network with the AC86U near the rear of the house, so that it could be used for providing wifi access to the garden. (First I will test everything with just the AX88U in place!)

Assuming I do try and go for a mesh network, am I better off with wireless or should I try using "wired" backhaul, with a couple of TPLink AV1000 powerline adaptors that I have sitting around? It's maybe 6m from where the router sits to the rear of the property, but there are a couple of walls in the way (1 breeze block, 1 partition) that I think have been responsible for the reduction in wifi signal so that my current signal barely gets half way up the garden when you factor in the 3rd wall at the back of the house.


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Personally I'd go cabled/powerline adapter. Why clog up available wifi bandwidth for the devices with backhaul between the routers? (Particularly with the signal impact you mention.)


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If your ISP speeds are 100/100 up/down or less, you may be satisfied with using PLA's. If you value a low latency (or consistent) network, you probably won't.

With a fourth antennae for the 2.4GHz band, you may have enough reach to the garden with the single router (RT-AX88U), particularly if you are able to optimize the router's location, orientation, and antennae placement.

For a mere 6M though, I would run a Cat5e cable or better and really enjoy a fast, stable and reliable AiMesh setup instead.


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It’s 6m line of sight, but around 25m & 4 doorframe loops if I was to wire it, and quite frankly I don’t want wires all over the house like that…

My ISP speeds are 900/110 but the PLA will be between AX88U and AC86U, not ISP and AX88U… sure the garden WiFi won’t be able to get full download speeds, but they’ll be WiFi on AC & unlikely to max it out anyway…

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