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AIProtection on = "TLS" connection timeout FF at specific sites RT-AC3100 384.6

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RT-AC3100 ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.6 firmware as primary router. Specific web sites fail to load with AIProtection turned ON, even with sub-components turned off, but not consistently. Constant seems having the MAIN AIProtection button on.
Both an HP ElitebookG1 and ZBookG3 on Win10Pro. A bit of selective on and off of the sub components
- Malicious Sites Blocking
- Two-Way IPS
- Infected Device Prevention and Blocking
Did not give a consistent pattern. Sometimes OK with one or two off, other times not.
Web site tested www.huffingtonpost.com. Also download box at acronis.com for documentation, but now that site ok. After factory reset/settings reentry fewer sites have problems. Now with AIProtection OFF, can ping huffpost.com, huffingtonpost.com also and browse everywhere. But can't pin acronis.com, or its ip even though I can browse to it and download from it fine using hostname or ip. So perhaps that is really the heart of the issue. I have an invisible ip eater<G>. A bit afraid to turn off the FW in the router, but haven't done anything special in it but turn on NAT.

Steps taken.
- Reinstallation of Firefox and chrome. Chrome did not report the error like FF did, just hung.
- in FF about:config | security.tls increased to require tls 1.2 or greater (links on the other laptop, sorry)
- red button factory reset and manual router settings redone, multiple reboots
- verified failure also Xubuntu 16.04 system running FF and chrome
- stopped FW in Synology NAS
- reboot cable modem and Xfinity side as well by Comcast. Modem passing >250/30 mbps w/good signal
- IPv6 is off
- turned uBlock Origin FF extension off for web site, both start and target
- fixed ntp not updating, just now, did not make a difference.

Have an RT-AC86u arriving tomorrow to replace RT-AC3100 for primary to see if a hardware issue (upper memory?) AC3100 is about 2 years old.

So for now, AIProtection is off, until a fix is in. Nothing helpful in basic log. Any ideas?
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