AliExpress pfSense boxes — what to look for OpenVPN routing?

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What OVPN router/appliance do you have?

  • Qotom

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  • Yanling/Minisys

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  • Protectli

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  • Other:

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New Around Here
After reading a few threads here about dedicated mini pc, Qotom, Yanling and Minisys are the leading choices as a VPN appliances.

I have an existing wireless setup, so a wired-only hardware is perfect for my use. I will be running it as an OpenVPN gateway and firewall for my existing network, and I would like to hear your thoughts on the above (or even other?) makers:

- CPU, ram and storage, which to get for maximum price vs performance value? E.g. would an i7 7200/8G/32GB a better choice compared to an i5 7200/16GB/64GB, for example?
- Can we saturate the gigabit NICs to the max out of the box? Can 10 gigabit performance be achieved (theoretically) when the day comes with these boxes?
- Is pfSense the only choice on the software side? or something like DD-wrt can also be used without the wireless on?

Any insights would be appreciated.
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