Allowing secondary subnet access to router

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I don't understand enough of this to know if what I am doing is possible however I want my PC to be able to communicate with my SERVER.

Both the SERVER and PC are connected to RT-N12D1' with different subnets, the SERVER gateway however has a different WAN address then the PC gateway. I tried merging the subnets (IP Conflict), after not having success connecting an ethernet between the two gateways. That not working I went back to the cable solution incorporating the Static Route List to no avail.

Am I overlooking something simple here? Do I need a switch to do this? I have no sense of direction on this, been staring at it the last 27 hours watching CCNA videos, drawing diagrams, scratching my head,

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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As shown in your diagram, the "gateway" to the network is NOT, but rather the WAN ip of the second router. Of course, being a WAN, it's likely firewall'd, preventing remote access from the network. So you either have to drop the firewall on that WAN (or at least create a rule allowing that particular network in), or else enable port forwarding. If the second router is using OEM firmware, I suspect you may be forced to use the latter approach.


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Would it help to change the address mask to, or is that just too easy to work?


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The most obvious solution would seem to be to change the second router to "AP mode" and create one single subnet. I expect you won't want to do that because of the "L2TP VPN" in your diagram. Can you explain what this VPN is for?

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