Almost there.. need a little help with custom DDNS script

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I'm using the provided DigitalOcean script here:

Only changing:

I've set the script as an executable; placing it in the correct directory; and, allowing Merlin to use jffs scripts.

I am able to use the CURL command to do the same thing:
curl -fs -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -d "\"data\":\"\""  ""

However, on the merlin DDNS interface, I get the DDNS status error: Request error! Please try again.


In the Merlin System Log, it keeps showing:
Nov 22 15:25:34 watchdog: start ddns.
Nov 22 15:25:34 rc_service: watchdog 352:notify_rc start_ddns
Nov 22 15:25:34 start_ddns: update CUSTOM , wan_unit 0
Nov 22 15:25:34 custom_script: Running /jffs/scripts/ddns-start (args:
Nov 22 15:26:04 watchdog: start ddns.
Nov 22 15:26:04 rc_service: watchdog 352:notify_rc start_ddns
Nov 22 15:26:04 start_ddns: update CUSTOM , wan_unit 0
Nov 22 15:26:04 custom_script: Running /jffs/scripts/ddns-start (args:

What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!
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Update. I got it working. I had done everything perfectly before. Except, I had created the ddns-start using a tool like, "WinSCP". I had to follow the instructions in the link below to create the file using CAT... then, pasting the contents in the file.. and finally adding execute permissions:


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