amazon/alexa and regionfree question


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first question i would like to ask :)
just would like to ask on how deep amazon / alexa are implementet into the firmware
of asus or merlin and if its possible to get rid of them while they are *spoiler of my meaning*: "cant deinstalled in a kind of way".

second :rolleyes:
is it possible like in the old 66-router days to get a different firmware via ssh (commandline) by,
maybe changing the xxx.bin, after a backup, modification and reupload ?
or is it to much messing up the router and if, you want a us router with 161 channel enabled,
better buy it via ebay (but the grey routers wich are we all aware of the warnings better to keep off) ?
so what`s your way maybe ...

for all that redic. questions, but i wanted to turn my mind off and to be f. ;)


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1. The Alexa & IFTTT stuff isn't particularly "embedded". If you don't enable those functions none of it is running.

2. I believe the newer "AX" routers have encrypted firmware.

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