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Amazon Deal ASUS AX86S

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For anyone looking for a deal in the USA on an Asus AX86S router Amazon has a really good deal if you are willing to apply for an Amazon Prime branded Chase bank card. Might be similar offers elsewhere in the world but I don't know.

When you go to Amazon this router is being offered for $179. If you are willing to apply for a no fee credit card as part of the purchase process they will give you either a $60 or $150 credit that you can use on future Amazon purchases. You don 't see the the $150 option until you get into the process of applying for the card. It is a no fee card so even if you never use it no cost to keep it in your wallet.

While I wasn't planning on to replace my AC86 until it failed the chance to pick up an AX86S for effectively $29 was too good to pass up. As far as I can tell the offer doesn't apply to the AX86U.

Merry Christmas!


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Can get $200 CB for spending over $500 in 3 months (easily done) for opening a new capital one card. Not sure how thats a deal, but congrats!

PS: The AX86U is $215 ATM.. I would recommend that you opt for that as the price difference is only $35 between the two. 1GB of ram and 2.5G port is worth extra cost for longevity purposes. I would only recommend going for the 86S if the price difference dips over $70-80.. more debatable IMO.

Edit: Just re-read that you tried AX86U.. Unfortunate.
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