AMTM / Diversion CPU 100%

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New Around Here
Yo Folks,

i am new to this forum, due to (finally) buying a router (AX86U) giving me the luxus, to not need an additional raspberry pi for my needs anymore.

Actually i am facing a problem, where amtm / Diversion causes 100% cpu on on core for more than 20s.

It occours on following scenario:

I am in the main amtm menu. Then i switch to the Diversion addon (see pic 1)


Before the Diversion menu appears, it takes like 20 seconds, another console gives meanwhiel following output (pic2)


This also happens, when only a small blocklist is enabled.

I have lots of addons installed and i am still playing around. But i have no clue, what could be the readons. any ideas?

ps: i have a lot more questions :D



Part of the Furniture
Your blacklist is probably corrupted. The blocklist is populated from the pre-defined lists. The blacklist is usually manually populated.
Reset it with this copy command, then open diversion again.
cp /dev/null /opt/share/diversion/list/blacklist


New Around Here
and it instantly solves the problem. wow nice, thx! :)

still wondering how this could happen, because i never did anything to the blacklist. who knows, maybe i made a mistake in skynet (if the blacklists anyhow interfere).

edit: is it allowed to ask more question in a "solved" thread (problem?) its also diversion related


Part of the Furniture
is it allowed to ask more question in a "solved" thread (problem?) its also diversion related
It's probably fine if it's along the same topic. Asking if you can ask, however, is poor form! :)

The only things you can't ask about in this forum are Tapatalk and T-Mobile converted routers.

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