amtm amtm install - nothing happens


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Router Model; RT-AC56U
Skynet Version; v6.9.2 (04/12/2019) (b9c0b0628cc89052e9884619c610404b)
iptables v1.4.15 - (vlan2 @
ipset v6.32, protocol version: 6
FW Version; 384.6_0 (Jul 25 2018) (

I followed the instructions to install amtm. I ssh into router and paste this command: curl -Os && sh amtm

A few seconds later, it just returns to the prompt. No error messages. I type amtm and nothing happens. I type /jffs/scripts/amtm and nothing happens. I checked the /jffs/scripts folder and no amtm folder created.

Thank you in advance!


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I thought the following is the install command.
For diversion. What he has looks right for amtm. But does it work on 384.6 and a 56U?


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It’s probably the same certificate issue affecting older firmware versions like this one.

See this thread for workarounds with the insecure option:

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