amtm amtm scripts: pre-mount & post-mount

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New Around Here
Hi! I am following this guide to set my USB drive ready for a swap file and some scripts (Diversion is main objective)
I would like to understand how amtm addon manages scripts, so I found pre-mount & post-mount folders within jffs folder.

My current config runs Disk Check at pre-mount and then set Swap File at post-mount. No other scripts installed by now.

My question is about how the pre-mount script is run first and then pre-mount does. In other words, "who" is managing the order of execution? Merlin Firmware or amtm itself ?

The point is that I would like to understand what is happening during boot so I would know a wayback to a previous state where no scripts (pre, post) where called and the USB device was not a player in my config.


Sean Rhodes

Regular Contributor
I installed the latest amtm, and then realized afterward I should have used the link for firmware prior to 384.15.
All looks OK, except it shows a new x3mRouting whereas I'm stuck at 2.0.0 due to having the RT-3200, my firmware updates stop at 384.13_10.

Should I try to remove it or leave it as is? Just concerned it I leave it I may forget and download something that's not compatible. Any advice other than pay more attention :) Thanks folks

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