amtm amtm scripts summary?

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Just a quick question. I see that there are now quite a few scripts available on amtm. Is there a summary anywhere of the purpose and features for each of them? I know what some of them do, but others I have no idea.


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Not that I'm aware of. However, there is the separate add-ons subforum and you can filter by script. On the top right (see screenshot below, behind the drop-down list is a 'Filter' button). If you set the top filter to a specific script and set the bottom filter to sort by "First message", I think that would be the easiest way. And otherwise you can always ask here if there still are scripts of which its functionality is unclear to you.

Edit: nevermind, the solution above is way better. I wasn't aware of it's existence (the site: yes, the list: no).


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