amtm Amtm ssh not responsive

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Hi All,
i have a problem with amtm, the ssh is not responsive and it gives me this back after a long time

 amtm 3.2.0 FW             by thelonelycoder
 RT-AC88U (armv7l) FW-386.3 @
    The Asuswrt-Merlin Terminal Menu

Bus error

what can i do to solve?
Thank you


Part of the Furniture
Never seen this error. Reboot the router and try again.


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i have already tried to reboot but it is the same.
until some time ago it was sometimes slow to print the lines, now it just doesn't work.
how do i uninstall all plugins and reinstall amtm?


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For the curious:
In computing, a bus error is a fault raised by hardware, notifying an operating system (OS) that a process is trying to access memory that the CPU cannot physically address: an invalid address for the address bus, hence the name.


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Seems like bad USB or bad router. If you can get into the WebUI there's a format JFFS option under Administration -> System, page /Advanced_System_Content.asp

I'd pull the drive and reformat in another computer. Maybe do a block check with something like h2testw to make sure it's a healthy stick. If not, get a new one.

Then plug it back in and see if you can get AMTM going again, using the step by step if necessary.

I had a bad USB drag my router's performance down by about 98%, so don't underestimate what waiting for bad USB storage will do. Maybe your bus error is a timeout where there shouldn't be one, or maybe you do have something going wrong with the router internals. I'm sure you'll find out which one it is, very soon.


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finally i solved by formatting the jffs partition and also formatting the usb and reinstalled everything manually, i don't know exactly if it was jffs or usb problem.
Thank you

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