Anbody use WDS?

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So I have the RT-AX68U and two TP-Link RE200 v4 extenders with OpenWrt installed. I would like to set up a WDS arrangement, as per:

But it advises enabling WDS on the main router with:

config wifi-device 'radio0'
option type 'mac80211'
option macaddr 'unique device MAC address here'
option hwmode '11g'
option htmode 'HT20'
list ht_capab 'SHORT-GI-40'
list ht_capab 'DSSS_CCK-40'
option txpower '27'
option channel '1'
option country 'CA'

config wifi-iface
option device 'radio0'
option network 'lan'
option ssid 'my-wireless-ssid'
option encryption 'psk2'
option key 'wireless-secret-password'
option mode 'ap'
option wds '1'

Is this something I can do under Asus Merlin?

I notice that the gui already has wds/hybrid options and asks to enter MAC addresses of the Access Points. Has anybody used that?

I basically want to have my two repeaters work in a kind of poor man's mesh by enabling 802.11r so that devices can transition quickly from one AP to the other.


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Do you know that the routers and devices support 11r? Keep in mind 11r is focused on speeding authentication, which is a small part of roaming overhead. 11r isn't going to help at all if most of the roam time is taken up by the STA scanning and deciding where to roam.
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