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Android "Dns Test app" is slow when MAC address is fixed

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I downloaded this app that make dns queries, because i was having issues in some websites. So i tested it, and finally found that when my android phone (s22) was with fixed MAC address, happens that i have issues, and with random MAC it works ok.

Reading online some people say that clearing dns cache should solve the problem but already tried that with the killall command but didn't worked.

So, why and how can i mantain a fixed MAC and have a good internet?
All parental controls are off

Attached you can see a screenshot of random MAC vs fixed MAC.

I have an Asus ax68u

Edit: i feel like a stupid, ad block was on. So disabling it fixed the problem.
It was turned on via app, that's why i couldn't find it in the webui


  • Screenshot_20230303_194823_DNS Test.png
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  • Screenshot_20230303_194747_DNS Test.png
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