Another site to site VPN question

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My apologies in advanced. I know this has been discussed several times but after reading i cant get this to work 100%

My setup

SITE A Router
VPN Server /


SITE B Router
VPN client
Internet traffic is not going through SITE A router (thats ok)

My problem
* I am able to ping SITE A router at Other devices in the network are partially accessible (on some ports) but not pingable
* I need SITE B devices to have network routed through SITE B. Can you please advice?


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When only *some* devices are reachable, failure to reach other devices is often due to personal firewalls on those devices, esp. Windows machines. They won't accept a *foreign* private network (like that of the VPN tunnel) by default.


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As far needing "SITE B devices to have network routed through SITE B", you have "Force internet traffic through tunnel" set to NO in the OpenVPN client, and for good measure, the following in custom config...

pull-filter ignore redirect-gateway

So nothing other than should be accessed over SITEA. Not unless you meant to say should be routed over SITEA. If that's the case, you can use a route directive in the OpenVPN client custom config field to make that happen. However, is NOT a valid network! You're probably looking for

route vpn_gateway

Btw, I'm assuming you mean as a destination, NOT a source.


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thank you so much. i had messed up with the network so the route rule wasnt working as expected.
regarding pings, ill have to see what firewall setups might be interfering

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