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Antenna location and orientation

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As I get into the whole wireless thing, I was reading some of the tutorials about antennae.

In one the illustrations, a single vertical antenna was shown with a donut shaped signal envelope around it. Since my DIR-655 has three antennae in a line, is there any deformation in the shape of the signal?

My AP is placed in one corner of the house, (a more central location is not available). Is there anything I can do to minimize any signal going out of the house away from where it is needed? Aluminum foil or metal screen behind the AP?
The three "donuts" will just overlap.

Yes, metal foil or screening will attenuate the signal in that direction. You could also replace the dipole antennas with directionals (like panel antennas).
Just overlap? Does that mean if the three antennae are oriented orthogonal to each other, one pointing in each of the three axis: x,y,z then you would have an almost true omni directional antenna?
You could play with the antenna positions as you describe or any other way. It's unlikely that you will see any significant change in performance.

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