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Any 2230 m.2 wifi card that actually has usable 6 GHz?

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Looking for help finding a 2230 m.2 wifi module that support WIFI 6e that is actually usable.

I was very hyped to jump into 6 GHz bands, got myself ASUS AXE16000 and was really bummed to realize that total of single device that I own can connect there reliably, which is my mobile phone.

Long before getting this quad-band router I got a bunch of Intel AX210 modules and replaced the cards in all laptops and desktop PCs that has wifi (lots of fun when you need to remove VRM heatsink to access vertical 2230 m.2 port to replace wifi card).

The problem that I have not anticipated was the regulatory domain database and Intel's firmware that does not trust what user specifies as region, instead it by itself somehow figures out region and then, only then, it enables the 6 GHz channels. The region that I live in do allow for indoor 6 GHz for whats it worth.

The problem is, I cannot get the 6 GHz bands to unlock (confirming with `iw reg get`) until I restart my route (axe16000), this does something that makes all the ax210 realize the region code and unlock bands. What it means is that I cannot have my PC use 6 GHz band because after it boots, it have country code set to 00 and until I reboot router, it does not update country code and does not let me use 6 GHz. I did not figured out what is the exact steps to force the Intel's ax210 firmware to check the region, perhaps it is that when APs it tries to connect to is unreachable it then does the magic, but this is so awfully unreliable.

So, do any of you actually any hint if there's on the market any 2230 m.2 module that has 6 GHz bands unlocked or at the very least is better than Intel ax210 at figuring out the region? I see the Qualcomm QCNFA765 is a thing but googling gives me absolute no answer whatever or not this card can do 6 GHz, all I could found were some random articles that this card works and does not underperform, some claims 6 GHz also works there but absolute no details of value there.


New Around Here
I did use QCNFA765 (chipset should be WCN6856 or Fastconnect 6900) for over half year along with AXE11000 ; stable and very good performance in Wifi 6 & 6E(I can connect every 6G channel except channel 217) . However , since my country not allow indoor 6G yet , I have to modify this WIFI driver's registry after this M.2 adapter installed in laptop ; once registry was modified , I got 6G connection easily in few seconds of handshake process .

As for Intel adapter , I had tried 1690i and AX211 , these two adapters were hard to get 6G connection in my place , their Wifi 6 worked good though . No idea how to modify Intel's driver till now.........



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