Any high-end hardware options to build my own WLAN AP (besides PCE-AC88)?


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I was reading a thread on here today about routers typically being stuck on old Linux kernel versions. (I went back to find it to include a link, but I cannot locate the thread now.) It had a very good explanation by @RMerlin about why routers (and cell phones) cannot easily upgrade to newer kernels.

So I am wondering if there are any good hardware options for the WLAN adapter for a PC. I looked into this a few years ago and the hardware options I found were not on a par with routers. If I do this now, I would like to find hardware that will be competitive with the RT-AX86U for example.

Is this the top-of-the-line WLAN hardware option now?

Are there Linux drivers for the above product? The Asus site does not list any:

If I do this, I will run a mainstream Linux distro on my box to allow me to update the kernel and all OS components regularly.

In general, anyone think this is worth it? My other option would be to run my router in AP mode on my LAN and use pfsense on my own hardware as my router and firewall.
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