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Any known issues with Devolo powerline adapters?


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I am using an Asus AC3200 router with V384.13.8 firmware.

I have purchased a number of Devolo powerline adapters but am having problems using them.
The router must be seeing them initially as I have been able to update the software on each one using Devolo Cockpit, but when I try and use them I am unable to get any connection to them.

I have used many types of powerline adapters with this router without issues but not with Devolo products it seems.

Are there any known issues? Any advice, suggestions gratefully received.

I wish now, I had bought cheaper ones as these are expensive and at the moment no good.


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Have you plugged the Devolo adapters into outlets in the same room to make sure it's not a distance issue?


New Around Here


New Around Here
I am finally getting somewhere after much hair pulling and cursing the world.
I have 3 x 2400 adapters and 2 x 1200 adapters. I didn't realise this and obviously made a mistake when purchasing them.
I was trying to pair a 1200 with a 2400 and it just would not happen.

Surely 1200 ones must also work with 2400 ones?
Or is it perhaps the 1200 ones have different factory allocated passwords to the 2400 ones and that is stopping the pairing?
I shall investigate.

Currently, I have two 2400 adapters paired.


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All seems to be working well now. The 2400 ones are being used for the things that use a lot of bandwidth, and the 1200 ones are currently being used for my Roberts Stream 93i internet radios..
I will upgrade all adapters to 2400 in time.
Many thanks to @thiggins for pointing me in the direction of that info. :D

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