Any plans to support RT-AC59U V2 routers?

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Hi @RMerlin,

Firstly, thanks for your awesome firmware. I have it on every modem I have and manage for friends and family with the exception of the latest people to upgrade after getting frustrated at their ISP-issued modems (finally!)

These latest people bought RT-AC59U V2 modems and I had a look on your site, but couldn’t find support for this model.

Is this because it’s too new or too old?
I did note that it is a V2 model, so figured it was an improved version of the RT-AC59U.

Do you have any plans to support this model in future releases?

Thanks again for your help (and firmware!)



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That's not old, that is obsolete. MIPS processor (775MHz). 128MB RAM.

RT-AC59U - Tech Specs|WiFi Routers|ASUS Global

This was never supported when new, nothing has changed since then. :(



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Merlin doesn't make firmware for modems only routers.

The specs for the V2 suggest is has the same 74Kc MIPS processor as the original. As such it won't be supported by Merlin as it is not a Broadcom device.

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