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Any reason not to upgrade from RT-AX86U to RT-AX86U PRO?

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Couple days ago, got a new RT-AX86U PRO router for my parents’ house. Speed-wise is smooth and for home entertaining connections were pretty nice. The latest firmware got an upgrade somehow. Netflix streaming seems without congestion compared to my old router back at home.

About to upgrade my old RT-AX86U with the latest firmware. Did someone have the same feeling as mine? or is there any disaster i have to worry about? So far so good, can't see the reason not to upgrade now.


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Old RT-AX86U? Not so old by some routers ASUS still provides firmware updates for...

Anyway you can upgrade the firmware and revert to previous firmware if you don't like it? Just make sure you have downloaded it ready (CRC checked so you know it is not a bum install) and you have backups of your settings.

I got the standard RT-AX86U on sale at Amazon and could not be happier but using Merlin firmware.

As they say once you have tried it you will never go back ;)
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The RT-AX86U already has a proven track record of being a pretty good router. The RT-AX86U PRO is new and may have issues we are not aware of yet.

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