amtm Any reason to use USB2 over USB3 when formatting USB Thumb Drive?

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I read in older guides, that pretty much all guides i read explains on how to prepare and format a new USB drive in order to install addons...

I am using a new RT-AX86U with Merlin, and wondering if in 2021, it is still actual to use the USB3.1 port, with a good brand USB 3.1 Thumb Drive and force it to use USB2?

Why is that? I mean why forcing it to use USB2 over USB3, any reason?


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Possibly to reduce interference with the 2.4 GHz band. Some of us have found that the older USB2 drives last longer than some newer USB3 drives. Thumb drives that is. I have an old PNY 2 GIG USB2 drive that I have used on at least three Asus routers. Just set it up today with a swap partition and an EXT4 partition (for traffic data) to use on Merlin 386.2 beta 3.


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