Any way to disable protected management frames on guest networks?


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Since 386.5, I've ran into some compatibility issues with protected management frames on a IoT device. Completely disabling it resolves the issues, but then I cannot use WPA3. I just had to reconfigure a lot of devices back to WPA2 just to get the problematic device to work again.

I tried moving the problematic device to a guest network, but it doesn't seem to be able to connect to those networks at all, regardless of the protected management frames setting, or the authentication method. My guess is that this option is somehow enabled on the guest network when I setted them up using mixed mode.

Now I know that the WiFi portion of the firmware is closed source, but does anyone know if there is an NVRAM setting that controls this on the guest networks? I would like to know if it is possible to disable protected management frame on a guest network entirely.

P.S. this problem was present on guest network 2. So it seems it is not related to the other guest network 1 issues others seem to have.


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Quick peek in the source code the main settings appears to be wl_mfp, but the guest networks are stored in an array it seems.

EDIT: on the other hand, I don't see any code setting something to 1, unlike the advanced wireless page, which resets the mfp value to 1 when set to wpa3. So maybe the issue is different.

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