Anyone able to help setting up IP Cameras in my shop, I can't reach network.

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Hi, My set up is a Asus router in my home, I have a set of Nano stations that beam from house to shop, I have another Asus router in the shop that handles the internet/Wifi. I have a NVR attached to the router, I have gotten the cameras on line and I can use the NVR, My Laptop and my phone with an IVMS-4500 app to view them as long as I am connected to the Shop Wifi, If I go to cell data or if I connect to house Wifi I can not. I have spent so much time trying to make this work, I set a static IP for the shop and the NVR and I have a port open. I am in way over my head. Any ideas? Thanks


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You need to be more precise, because some of your description is ambiguous. For example, you mention the home router, but it's not clear if that's the primary router or its the other router in the shop, where you specifically mention "internet", suggesting *it* is the primary router. It's not even clear where the NVR is connected. Then you mention cell data. Is that part of your home network, or are you referring to your phone?

In general, if you have multiple routers and they are daisy-chained WAN to LAN (even if that's over a point-to-point) bridge, you can have trouble accessing resources between the two networks on each side of that bridge. That's why it's best if the two routers are bridged (LAN to LAN) and share the same network (e.g., all devices are using 192.168.1.x).

In short, it's just not clear *how* you have all these components connected. Such details matter!


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Sorry, I have the main router where the cable internet comes into ( Asus 5300 ) a Nano station is connected to that and shoots internet to another Nano station in the shop which is connected to a Asus 3100. I am trying but I am not sure about all of the technical terms.


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Internet --> HOUSE[Modem --> Asus5300 --> Nano] --> SHOP[Nano --> Asus3100 --> Camera/NVR]

Basically you cannot access resources out in the shop because the FW/NAT on the 3100 are preventing access. You need to either remove the 3100 from the picture or change it to be an AP/switch only so your entire network is on a single subnet/broadcast domain.


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I wish I would have tried the Nano into the 3100 as a node , But everything is working now so I don't know if I should mess with it. Any benefit over using it as a AP?

Main Router is, Nanos are .2 and .3, 3100 router is set up as AP and is static at .4 and the NVR is .5 I opened up one port. Everything is up and running IVMS app is working on and off the net. The Nano station is back into the Wan port as it appears that is where it should go when using it as a AP.

Nano station is giving me about 40 MBPS Download tried to tweak the settings a little in the Nano station but I couldn't get any better speed, They are 2.4 Locos but I do get a 5 G signal from the router they power.

The only thing I see is on the NVR the HTTPS port says it is set to port 443 and I get a inactive message ( The external port has been used ) Not sure what this does and if it is a issue.

I borrowed these from a friend and they shot me over 100MBPS but they are picky as to what outlet they are hooked to, They either cut speed or would not pair, hes going to bring me a set of Air Max 5G Nanos to try .


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@JOE.G - Per the HikVision network port list, you need to port-forward Service, HTTP/HTTPS and RTSP ports from R1 to the NVR's IP (192.168.1.x), per the diagram below:
Additionally, NanoStation "WB1" should be plugged into a LAN port (not a WAN port) of R1; "WB2" should also be wired to a LAN port of R2, unless you're connecting R2 as an AiMesh remote AP node, in which case you can connect "WB2" (the garage/shop NanoStation) to the WAN port or a LAN port.

As for substituting in Loco M5's for the M2's you have now, I'd wager you might see 150-200Mb/s, and potentially better link stability, due to more usable spectrum (less fluctuating interference from neighbors).
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I moved the Nano station in the house higher up in the window and the signal improved, I can't run an external wire at the moment. What other settings should I check? Should I raise or lower power ?Does that help with signa
The App and web browser work now on Both networks and I am able to loggin into the either router at the house or the shop and The Ivms app works on the network and off with out issue, Today I was 100 Miles away and I was able to check them.

The reason I am confused about the WAN and LAN is I Have the shop set up as a AP which I guess the difference from the Aimesh as the AP I use a different WiFI name and the Aimesh would allow me to act like I am still connected to house router. ASUS from what I am reading when in AP Mode or Aimesh makes the Wan a 5 Lan port and recommend using it I even called them to confirm this. I attached 2 screens which I think is talking about this. If I do move it from Wan to Lan do I need to change anything? The Shop router/AP has a static IP.


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@JOE.G - Aha; I didn't realize that you were using AiMesh. In that case, yes, you can use the WAN port of the AC3100 for uplink to the NanoStation. (I'll reflect that note in my original reply). You shouldn't need to change anything further, provided your setup is configured like my diagram above and the configuration is good and working.


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I am using Aimesh on 1 of the 5300 routers in the house this is a wireless node, the 3100 in the shop is set up as a AP, I wish I would have tried it as a wired Aimesh node before I set it up this way.

So I moved the Nanostation in the house up higher in the window sill by less then a foot, and I went from 6 to 9 MBPS on the 2.4 g channel and 40ish MBPS on the 5 G channel to now getting 40 on the 2.4 G channel and 90 to 100 MBPS on the 5 G channel. Now these are 2.4 G M2 Loco Nano stations so I am not sure why I get a 5 G channel ( I am guessing my router converts it ) and how many MBPS they are capable of transferring. My Home WiFi produces around 450 to 500 MBPS.


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The NanoStation M2 wireless units do not have 5Ghz (only 2.4Ghz, for the link between themselves). The 5Ghz used by your endpoint devices (phones, laptops, etc.) is being broadcast by the Asus units in the house and shop. The bandwidth of the actual wireless link between the two NanoStations is likely the limiting factors of your measured internet speeds from devices connected to the AC3100 in the shop (less so the AC3100 itself).

On that note, in the AirMax interface on the either NanoStation, you should be able to login and view the "health" of the link, as well as measured Mb/s. That link speed should roughly correspond to the max 90-100Mb/s you're noticing from any device in the shop that's connected via a medium that's as fast as that or faster (5Ghz or hard-wire). If you want to increase your speeds from the shop, replacing those NanoStation M2's with M5's will help a fair amount; potentially bumping the link speed between the two wireless bridge units to 300-400Mb/s in a best case scenario. That's usually plenty fast enough to serve as an uplink on a small network segment (ie. your shop and the devices there).


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@Trip @JOE.G is correct when he says that when the AC3100 is in AP mode its WAN port becomes just another LAN port, so it doesn't matter which port he connects to at that end.


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Thank you for clarifiy that Colin, So are the M2 maxed out at around 100MBPS? Should I expect more from them or should I consider my connection good? 2.4 is lower then expected but the 5 G signal is good enough for me, I was going to get 5G AC but I don't see the need now.

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