Anyone have experience with Ruckus Channelfly?


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I purchased 3 Ruckus R710's off ebay and they have been incredible compared to anything I have used in the past. The only persistent problem I'm having seems to be related to Channelfly and maybe background scanning? When Channelfly is enabled it aggressively switches channels whenever a client starts transferring large amounts of data. This promptly kicks the client from that AP during the switch. All of my 5Ghz clients are apple devices of some kind. Iphone 13 pro max, 2021 macbook pro 16", home pods etc.

According to Ruckus here:
When ChannelFly changes channels, it utilizes 802.11h channel change announcements to seamlessly change channels with no packet loss and minimal impact to performance.

My guess is there is just some kind of incompatibility between this functionality and my apple devices but I wanted to check with the forum if there was something I may be missing? For now I just have channelfly and background scanning disabled for 5ghz, it's a home environment but it's been a challenging one to serve reliably with wifi over the years for some reason and these Ruckus have been head and shoulders better than the Engenius EWS377ap's and Aruba IAP-335 ap's they replaced. Thanks for any help!

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