Anyone know if I can run Homebridge on this?


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It appears to have docker support.

Curious if possible. Would be wonderful if so.
I have the Asus AC68u on newest Merlin firmware.



Clark Griswald

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I don't know if Homebridge will work properly on router?
I understand that your router may work for you currently, but that is an older router, and you could upgrade blah blah blah
Have you looked into Raspberry Pi? Connecting a pi into your network can open a Host of Opportunities: Homebridge Official Pi Install just click the raspberry icon ;)

Clark Griswald

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I'm currently using a Pi 4 8GB purchased a few months ago, and recommend highly! Latest boards are shipping with newer bios and faster clock speeds. Bullseye was recently released, and I can confirm my Pi environment has been working flawlessly.
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Clark Griswald

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Thank You for the correction (link fixed).
Happy and Safe Holidays
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