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Hi all, I'm long time user of merlin and love the work and community here! Apologies for the long post...

Generally, I have no issues running either stock or merlin on my Aimesh nodes (RT-AX3000, RT-AC68U). I always have latest merlin on main router (RT-AX58U).

My issue is very specific to my Apple HomePod Mini's - I have 3 of them (all running latest firmware - but this issue has been bugging me for ages). The issue is intermittent and only impacts the minis connected to the Aimesh nodes. In summary:

Occasionally when i open the mini UI from Apple home app when connected to one node the connection does not complete to a mini on the other node. The app thinks I am not on the network.

This happens when my iphone is connected to the main router or a node that does not have the target mini connected. If i am connected to the node that has the mini on it then - boom - it connects normally.

I can always ping the homepods - even when this issue is occurring. I use the app Net Analyzer to do the testing and the homepods are always 'seen' by the app and can be pinged across the entire Aimesh network

Over the last 2 months I have been running latest stock firmware on the nodes with merlin 386.4 and 386.5 beta on main router and I did not have this issue once and I thought issue resolved but yesterday I completed a dirty upgrade to merlin 386.5 on main router AND also updated my nodes to merlin 386.5. Since then this issue has returned.

To be honest this is a really tricky issue to trouble shoot but my main assumption is that I didn't have the issue when running latest stock on the nodes (even with 386.5 beta on main router).

My next step is going to be a complete reset of main router and nodes - start everything from scratch. Given the situation/assumption above, I will put latest stock f/w on nodes before joining them to a clean/new setup of merlin 386.5 on main router.

So before I start, I have two questions for the community:
  1. Has anyone else had this issue (or similar) with Apple homepod minis and managed to solve it?
  2. Is there any 'advantage' to running merlin on Aimesh nodes vs. stock?
Thanks (and sorry again for my essay :) )


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Thought i'd update my own post LOL.

I have completed a full nuclear/WPS reset and manual setup of main router with merlin 386.5. Latest stock on the nodes (also full nuclear/WPS reset on both and added to main router via Aimesh page in UI).

So I now have a virgin / clean setup all running well. So far, no issues connecting to any of my homepods from any location. Will keep monitoring over the next week or so without making any changes to any config.

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