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Is there a way to apply a setting or config change instantly? Or force it to apply on demand. For example, if I disable internet access on a device it always seems to take a while for the change to take effect. The only way I've found to apply changes like this more instantly is to reboot the router, but then that disrupts the whole network and isn't ideal. Would there be a script command or some sort of soft reboot or refresh that I could run?



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Strange, changes I make have always appeared to take effect immediately (particularly the ones with the apply button that results in % completion display), so far as I have noticied. There is one device in particular that I have disabled internet access for. However, once in a while I authorize access, check for firmware updates, then disable again. I have never had a delay, assuming that is the same sort of scenario you are specifically mentioning.


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To follow-up I did some further testing and found that changing the settings is actually fairly responsive (within a few seconds), what I wasn't accounting for was buffering from services like youtube that would make it seem like a device is still connected.

On a more positive note, the suggestion to investigate scMerlin has got me back into the world of amtm, and checking out what the scripting guys have been up to. thank you!

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