Are these ping times normal for bonded MoCa 2.0?

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I recently setup a MoCa line using two Hirschmann Inca 1G adapters, between my AX88u main router and my AX92u node. Mostly to improve ping stability compared to wifi.

I have done multiple ping tests in the meantime, and the results are somewhat higher than what I expected. On average, the MoCa line has much less severe ping spikes and lower jitter, but the median ping is around 4ms higher compared to the AX wireless backhaul of Aimesh I was using.

Here are the pingplotter tables (interval: 0,5s), Pinging the AX88U while connected wired to the AX92u.

MoCa direct point to point coax:

Medium distance aimesh with dedicated wifi backhaul:

My question is, are these ping times normal? I use the AX92u for gaming and online meetings, so a low and stable ping are my priority.


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I’ve noticed the slight lag in my moca 2.5 setup as well, but it’s about trade offs. I love having the wired back haul, so not a big deal and we’ll worth it…


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moca introduces a couple msec of lag.
I read that it will indeed introduce a couple of millseconds of delay. But I didn't expect it to be more than an average WiFi connection, which also introduces a few milliseconds. Someone mentioned around 3 ms and my connection is between 4.5 and 7ms. I'm not sure that is correct.


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I recall seeing testing that indicated ~5ms of additional latency with MOCA. Your numbers look about right from that perspective.

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