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Arris Introduces Next-Gen Broadband Gateway Devices

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Julio Urquidi

News Editor
Arris calls their new NVG578 and NVG558 gateways “future-ready” as both are designed to tackle upcoming challenges for service providers.

The PON gateway platform used by the NVG578 is built to handle passive optical network speeds used by ultra-high speed broadband services, and will scale to adapt to GPON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 speeds (up to 10 Gbps symmetrical). For wireless, NVG578 offers 802.11ac and 802.11ax, supporting both dual- and tri-band configurations.

Other physical interfaces found on the NVG578 are one phone line, one 10 GbE LAN/WAN port, four GbE ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and a GPON fiber 2.5 BOSA and SFP+ cage.
NVG558 is a fixed wireless broadband triple-play gateway available in variants supporting 4G LTE or 3.5GHz CBRS services (and potentially 5G, per Arris). Supported Wi-Fi options for the NVG558 include 4x4 802.11ac or 4x4 802.11ax in dual- or tri-band configurations.

Listed interfaces found on the NVG558 are two phone lines, two USB 3.0 ports, one 2.5 GbE WAN port, four GbE LAN ports, and two LTE connectors.

Additional features for both gateway include optional IoT radio support, Docker container support for rapid application deployment, IPTV video optimization, and Arris HomeAssure readiness for smart whole-home Wi-Fi.

Both Arris gateways, NVG578 and NVG558, will be generally available in 1H 2018.
Seems more geared towards an enterprise/business market. Overkill for home use.
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