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Arris SBG6580 Client through AC-3100 Server?

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I have been attempting to run a whole home VPN. My intention is to ensure all devices in the network are forced into a tunnel.

I am running numerous devices which can run VPN software as individual clients through the AC-3100 as a server. However I cannot run firesticks, older smart tv's etc.

I originally attempted to setup the openvpn server on the AC-3100, and then also set it up as a client to itself, but that never seems to work.

My assumption is I will need another router as an entry point, and that will be the client (Arris SBG6580) to the vpn server (AC-3100). I am wondering if I can just port forward on the Arris router through the Asus VPN server? Am I on track above that I cannot have the Asus router be both the VPN server, and have it be a client to itself? Are there issues if I attempt to use the old Arris rotuer as a client? Would it need to be a router that can run a VPN config as a client?

Looking for any suggestions here for best setup.

Ideal setup is to run devices like phones and comps directly through the Asus VPN server, since they can run openvpn software.

Then simultaneously run firesticks, smart tv's etc. through the Arris router as a client (or other router if need be) forward them through the Asus VPN router so they are all forced through a tunnel. Would also like to run a kill switch so they cannot run if VPN goes down.

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