Article Discussion: Does Your Router Need An App?

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I realize that it's a sponsored article, but it raises a really good point - and from what I see in the article, Netgear has done a great job with their app.

We're in the post-PC world, and many folks might not even be able to run a desktop class browser to configure and set up a Router/AP, so having an App or a responsive webpage that scales correctly to a SmartPhone sized screen can be a real plus for potential customers..

Might be a good thing to include in device reviews - Netgear's App is very nice, and has some value add besides just configuring the router (WiFi scanner for example).


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Apps should die. I have no use for an underpowered, small display, always on (and on me) device that tracks me and needs about a million 'apps' to eventually do (at least 10x longer) what I can do with a computer in 5 seconds.

Yes, a 3 year old can now operate an ipad and keep themselves amused. But so can a monkey too.

Apps do not allow me easier, more or better control, rather the opposite. They narrowly define what I can and cannot do. And without signing in to download the specific 'app' needed, I lose that small benefit too.

Any manufacturer that bases their business on 'apps; is not on my recommended list for myself or my customers (ever).

The customers that ask me to help with issues with their 'app' are politely told to stop using them.

Apps? Biggest waste of time I have seen since the Pong TV game was introduced widely in the 1980's.


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I got an apple airport extreme and the app for it works great. But then again airport has a very simple interface and does what i need. Rock solid also.


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Sorry but I am able to run most websites in non-mobile mode on my phone's and tablets. No need for apps as long as the sites properly code. I have been testing out Continuum with Windows 10 on their phones and the phone docked into a full screen display is almost indistingishable from a real desktop when using their browser. I even tested out Asus's/ Merlin's firmware with it and everything seems to work just fine.
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