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I was wondering if anyone has tried the ipkg of asterix and asterix gui on their nas or other device?

I would like to know weather it's easy to install and manage bearing in mind I have little asterisk experience, but some experience with other voip products?

Assuming I did get it to work, does anyone know how easy it is to setup voicemail and a fax to email server (t.38 I think)?

Thanks in advance.
I have Asterisk running on various hardware, but not a NAS. Setting up voicemail is pretty easy. FAX support is not so easy.

I suggest you have a look at http://www.nerdvittles.com. There a lot of good Asterisk info there.
You'll want to look at Trixbox - it's the most popular iteration of asterisk, as it's pre-packaged with pretty much everything you need, gui and all. It about as easy as it gets, considering how powerful it is.

Never installed it on a NAS, only servers. If the hardware plays nicely I suppose you could.
Thanks, i've now managed to install asterisk and voicemail, it was pretty simple as you said...however i think i need to do a bit more reading on the fax bit. I wish nobody sent faxes anymore !!! :S

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