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Asus 86U assigns odd IP's

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I've been having this issue with a couple devices, mainly my wifi network printer

Basically, there is a wifi printer setup utility software I run to get my printer connected to the wifi. It involves using a USB cable from the printer to my computer, then it'll read the wifi info from the computer (SSID and pass), then connect to the wifi (pulling its IP from the router).

After going through this setup, it seems to work for a day or so then stops working.

The IP address that its being assigned is doesn't jive with what the router should be assigning it. Attached are some screenshots. Any thoughts on how I can get it to use the right IP address and/or fix my wifi printer's connecity issues?



  • 2019-08-25 printer 2.PNG
    2019-08-25 printer 2.PNG
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They are auto configuration addresses. They are assigned usually by a computer when there is no other means of getting an Ip address for a connection. They are considered non-routable addresses. 169.254.x.x is common in the windows world when your system fails to pull an IP from your router.
set a fix IP reservation for the printer on your routers DHCP list could help.
set a fix IP reservation for the printer on your routers DHCP list could help.
I'm guessing this won't work. If the printer is not capable of pulling an address from the DHCP server to begin with, trying to get a statically assigned one should follow the same path to failure.

I do agree that there should be a static entry in the DHCP reservation table though as devices such as printers (IMO) should be static (changing IPs can lead to much frustration and inability to print).

In addition to the static reservation setting in the router, I'd investigate more about your printer. There typically is a way to set a static ip within the printer either through the setup utility or the menu. Sometimes you have to do the wifi setup as DHCP first but can then go back and change it. If you can manage a static IP in the printer, doesn't hurt to leave the DHCP static entry for 5hose 'just in case" scenarios.
I realize this thread is a little over a year old - just wanted to state that I'm also experiencing the same issue on my AC86U. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does, it is really annoying, especially because it counts the client twice when it displays the number of clients on the Network Map.

If you look at the images that you enclosed, there is a 2 next to the Samsung device. The 2 means that the device has 2 IP addresses - the device actually did receive a DHCP lease - but for whatever reason, it appears with the 169.254 address when looking at the Network Map.

If you make note of the MAC address of the device, click on System Log & then DHCP leases.

You'll see that the device has a properly-assigned DHCP address there.

The only way that I have been able to get rid of it is to reboot the router (and make sure that the offending device is powered off during the reboot).

Hopefully this will be fixed with the 386 release (I'm currently on Merlin's 384.19).
As a follow-up, I just wanted to demonstrate what I'm seeing. Looking at the Network Map -> Clients. Click on View List.

You'll see the strange "internal" 169.254.x.y address. To the left of it, there is a number 2 in the upper right of the icon. Hovering over it states that 2 clients are connecting to RT-AC68U through this device.

When I look at system log -> DHCP leases, you'll see the device listed there with an IP within the DHCP scope

Image attached to demonstrate.

What the OP posted may be a problem with the printer itself - or it could be the identical behavior that I'm listing here, as the OP stated that he is having trouble with a few devices (didn't specify if the problem is this same problem or a different problem) but mainly his printer.

My issue seems to happen with devices that are not assigned a DHCP reservation - but happens infrequently. I'm also running an AiMesh setup & I'm noticing this happening mainly to devices that haven't been on the network in awhile connected to a node.


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If you look at the images that you enclosed, there is a 2 next to the Samsung device. The 2 means that the device has 2 IP addresses
Just ignore it. Problem solved. :)

It isn't a "problem". Devices can report one IP, then get assigned one, or switch ups, etc. The GUI is just reporting something that happened.

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