Asus ac-3100 Slow Gigabit Speeds

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Hello all, I recently upgraded my internet from 300/300 (down&up) mbps to 950/750 mbps. Prior to the upgrade I was getting roughly 340/270 mbps on wireless ac and 340/340 on a wired connection. After the upgrade, I am getting roughly 600/400 mbps while sitting right next to the router (rt-ac3100) using my macbook pro 2018 and same with my iPhone X. Wired connection is excellent at 940/720. I double checked that HW Acceleration is on, NAT Acceleration Is on auto(CTF Enabled), have turned off IPV6 firewall, and qos traffic monitor ai protection etc are all off as well. Ive power cycled my modem and router multiple times as well, double checked cables (all cat6 or cat5e), and speed tested the direct modem connection which is full speed. The devices I am using are all wireless AC compatible as well. Nothing helps and the weirdest thing is that all my Netgear APs are all outputting the same wireless speeds as the router, yet they're giving the full 940 mbps wired. Have I 'maxed' out my router? Ive read a few times that the ac3100 can easily handle gigabit speeds, obviously I won't be getting the full 940/720 on wireless, but I'm not even getting close either. Ive searched every single forums regarding gigabit speeds slow down on the forums and nothing has helped.

Telus Advanced Modem
Asus rt-ac3100 merlin 384.8_2
2018 MacBook Pro


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So I restored the router to factory defaults and also used the stock firmware but I still got max speeds at 720 mbps. I am starting to think I may have a hardware issue.

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