Asus AC (CT8) AC3000 Buffer Bloat Issues

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Hey all,

Prior to upgrading to the Asus AC, we had a beefy linksys ea9300, and while it worked, there was some dead spots from time to time. But the thing that worked well was little to no impact of network congestion/buffer bloat.

We're seeing our entire mesh dying whenever someone is downloading on the network. (we have 2 nodes, one for the main floor, and one for the upstairs). IE if I'm downloading really fast ~40mb/s from usenet, the entire network is unusable and usually dies. The download stops, and it seems like the router is bogged down or something. Has anyone had an issue like this? The EA9300 handled it well, and let users download at max speed with no problem.


We're connected to the 5 ghz network. shows a variable between 5-10 mbps.

Thanks in advance,
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