Asus AC-RT86U Merlin lunatic behaviour

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New Around Here
Hi everybody,
I’m new on this forum and I’m trying to hang around an Asus AC-RT86U.
I’m coming from an Archer C7 with DD-WRT firmware. Excellent router, excellent firmware but I needed a more powerful stuff.
I have tried the Asus both with its stock firmware and the Merlin.
Definitely, I prefer Merlin but...
After flashed Merlin, I have put a VPN client (PrivateVPN) which gets its .opvn files.
The problem is I can’t manage to avoid some dns leaks!
I have tried to force all the traffic into the tunnel and put “exclusive” dns server.
The fool behaviour is that sometimes I have dns leaks, sometimes no leak.
Yesterday, it was fine, today I have problems. But I have done no change to the setup!!!
Any idea?
Many thanks in advance

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