ASUS ac3200 question

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Hello Merlin,

Got a question for you. I just purchased a new ac3200 as amazon said it supported Mesh.. well I got it and no mesh support. I did see the snb post that the router will never get it. My question to you is , do you have firmware that enables the mesh mode?

Thank you


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If stock Asus firmware doesn't include one of their own features that newer/later models have, chances are that RMerlin firmware won't have it either.

(Btw, the name is RMerlin, not Merlin and if you want to get the person's attention, do it like so; @Warsong40). :)


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Merlin's firmware is no different from Asus' when it comes to AiMesh support.
Note that AiMesh can sometimes be less stable than using a plain router + access point or repeater configuration. AiMesh implementation being closed source, there is nothing that can be done about that on my end. This also means that there are zero chances of adding support to unsupported models such as the RT-AC87U or RT-AC3200, or enhancing/implementing additional features specific to AiMesh. Only Asus can technically do that, since any change has to be made within components for which I don't have access to the source code.

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