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Asus AC5300 versus HP M175NW Wifi issues.

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Hi there, I have had the above router for around 3 months now and kept the stock Asus firmware with a few niggly issues.

Apologies for the long post, here goes, I am doing all this from a MacBook.

Every time I made a Wifi (or almost any other) change, the Asus would drop the Wifi and I would have to reboot.

Day before yesterday, my wife urgently needed to print something and the HP had dropped off the Asus Wifi network.

It is an older printer, with only 2.4 GHz available but it had been working fine up to then. I did have a few issues connecting it when I first got the Asus, but it did and stayed on until 2 days ago.

I have an internal 2.4 GHz network and also a Guest 2.4 GHz network, all working fine.

So, I looked at the logs and the Asus could see the MAC address but the HP appeared not to be picking up an IP address, whether I reserved it in DHCP or manually assigned it.

Then I dug deeper and checked the ARP table and there was an incomplete ARP entry for it.

At the same time, I powered on my VM Windows 10 machine on my MacBook to find the same thing. In bridged mode, which had been working fine, my Windows VM could not pick up an IP address - this time on the 5 GHz network. Incomplete ARP entries for the VM showed on the Asus. It had been working fine 2 days previously.

Very bizarrely, If I connected the printer and the MacBook to the Guest 2.4 GHz and Guest 5GHz networks respectively, they obtained an IP address, but not the internal 2.4 GHz one.

Last resort factory reset did not fix it either.

So, I found the AsusWRTMerlin firmware, put it on and almost all my issues disappeared.

The Wifi settings change and pretty much every other change did not result in a frozen Asus and my VM Windows 10 machine could connect fine using bridged mode on my MacBook

Very happy with the firmware, donated and good job!

But the printer issue remains:

  • My HP cannot connect to the 2.4 GHz internal Wifi, other devices e.g. my Wii U/iPhone/Android can
  • My HP connects perfectly to the Guest 2.4 GHz Wifi

I have changed almost every conceivable setting, passphrase, network name and no joy, so as a workaround I created a separate 2.4 GHz Guest network, allowed Intranet access and it all works.

Any ideas why, when it was working for 3 months, this has happened?

Something on the Asus for sure, 2 days ago, but what I have no idea!

Been 2 days at this, with Wireshark and sniffers. For some reason the HP and the Asus are not passing ARP properly on the 2.4 GHz Internal Wifi, but they are on the Guest 2.4 GHz Wifi.

Answers on a very large postcard please.


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